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MISHU's Chocolate & Forest Fruits Mousse

I didn't realise that my personal recipe for chocolate mousse was actually very suitable for all of us who follow a Keto lifestyle. It is packed with proteins and suited for those who also like to eat lactose free and light. I used to bring this mousse to friends (who loved it) and I already made it sugar free... but this was before changing my lifestyle to Keto, so I was not really aware of the richness of this mousse! 

This chocolate mousse recipe has only two ingredients and super easy to make. The forest fruit part is a dessert my mum used to make when I was a little. I used to call it "shampoo" because it is really so light and foamy, and we would laugh about it. Suddenly, it all made sense to me, that dessert came back from my memories and I am absolutely thrilled about it's simple and nutritious ingredients. Combine both the chocolate and the forest fruits into a cup and you get the best out of both. Bon appetit!


Ingredients needed:

- 120 gr eggwhites
- 35 gr of your favourite chocolate that you use for keto (in this recipe I used the dark melties from Steviala)
- 50 gr of forest fruits, strawberries or raspberries (can be frozen), or any fruit of your liking
- 2 sheets of gelatine or 3 grams of gelatine powder
- 2 table spoons of confectioners erythritol

Macros per portion:

Kcal: 111kcal, Fats 5 gr, Protein 7,8 gr, Carbs 3 gr (depending on chocolate use)

Instructions for preparing the chocolate mousse:

1. Melt the chocolate
2. Meanwhile beat all of the egg-whites  and the erythritol until very stiff with your mixer
3. When egg whites are very stiff, split them up in two bowls. One will be for the chocolate and the other one for the fruits
4. When chocolate is melted and cooled off a bit, take some of the egg white and mix it with the melted chocolate, by hand.
5. Slowly add the rest of the egg white and gently mix until chocolate and egg whites are completely mixed. Set aside

Instructions for preparing the chocolate mousse:

1. Heat up the fruits with some water in a little pan until the fruits have released juice
2. Put 2 gelatine sheets or gelatine powder with some water in a bowl until the sheets become soft or until the powder has absorbed water
3. Cut the gelatin sheets in little pieces and put them in the pan with the fruits / or put the gelatin powder 
4. On very low heat, stir a bit so all the gelatine gets incorporated. Do not boil.
5. When the fruits have cooled down, mix this into the other bowl of the egg whites, very gently. You would want the egg whites to stay nice and smooth. 
6.You can decide when you stop incorporating the fruits into egg whites, I personally like to have some nice strokes of pink color through the white eggs. 


In a glas put have of the chocolate mousse and top it with half of the fruits eggwhites. Repeat for another glass. Set in the fridge so that the dessert is nice and cold and the gelatin has had time to become jelly!

Mishu's Chocolate And Forrest Fruit Mousse

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