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Rustic Keto Crostini's - 15 pieces

Rustic Keto Crostini's - 15 pieces

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One pack holds 15 Rustic Keto Crostini's in total.

Rustic Keto Crostini's:

Super thin low carb & keto crostini's made from toasted bread. Ideal for dipping into your soup or to serve with your favourite topping, like bruschetta topping, egg salad, tuna spread, baba ghanoush salad... 
Personally I also like them just like that; simple and plain but oh so good. Or like my Oma used to eat them with cream cheese and some cumin seeds! 

The crostinis hold for very long, minimum 2 weeks or longer. An ideal snack to bring in your handbag or travel bag anywhere you go! 
A perfect bite that supports your keto and diabetic needs!


Ingredients: almond flour, golden flaxseeds, coconut flour, psyllium husks, egg baking soda, himalayan pink salt, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary & apple cider vinagar. 

Allergens: Lactose free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, grain free.

The macros values per piece (one Rustic Keto Crostini):

Carbs: 0,4gr
Fat: 1,64gr
Protein: 1,22gr

The macros values per portion (15 Rustic Keto Crostini's):

Carbs: 4,5gr
Fat: 16,4gr
Protein: 12,2gr

- Keep at room temperature in an air-tight container for up to two weeks
- In case gone soft: put them in a pre-heated oven for a couple of minutes