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Test Pakketje

Test Pakketje

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Content per pack: 2 pieces of each product listed below

Are you not familiar with the MISHU assortment? With our Test Pakketje you can try it all! The box contains 2 pieces of all products for a friendly introduction price. MISHU's products always fit KETO and Diabetic diets, but some of them include dairy and/or nuts. Others do not. Please check the full list of ingredients on the individual product pages before trying.


- Keep refrigerated for at least one week.
- Up to 3 months in the freezer
- Keep at room temperature for the day, but avoid hotter temperatures.


Products included in this box:

  • 2x Bon-Bonnetje
  • 2x Choco-Choc
  • 1x Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • 2x Cracker Rosemary
  • 2x Soft Pancito
  • 2x Sandwich
  • 2x Pieces of focaccia
  • 2x The Loaf (slices)
  • 2x Keto Crostini
  • 1x Portion Caramelised Nuts (30gr)

Note: Seasonal products are not part of the Test Pakketje.