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MISHU contemporary baking is a resource to help you eat good and flavourful food that fits your diet. Started from a personal need, MISHU has now evolved into a webshop that reaches out and serves other like-minded individuals.  


‘I just want to have a bread, a cake, a chocolate and all that yummy stuff that everybody else eats!’ I cried out to a friend one day, frustrated with my cravings.

At that time, I had already understood the connection between healthy alternative eating and your body energy flow, and I was not going to break this up. I was feeling just too good...finally! Full of energy, not bloated, and even my skin psoriasis had calmed down. I had reduced the intake of carbohydrates considerably, I had taken out all the grains in my diet, no more sugars either, and increased all the healthy fats and fibers. This new fuel I was feeding my body with, this new lifestyle was certainly having a positive impact to my body and mind.

However, thinking that this new lifestyle would mean having to miss out on specific moments such as a simple toasted bread with butter - on a sunday family breakfast - , or an indulging brownie to satiate a little crave - , or that feeling you get when you dip a bread in your homemade soup; that was a scary feeling. What if I could have all of that? Made only with the good stuff, but still with that incredible traditional taste. I started to wonder...

After lots of reading, researching, learning and some more reading, researching and learning. Then, hours and hours of tryouts in the kitchen, a new world opened up for me: a world of wholesome ingredients with amazing qualities, that make you feel good, energized and satisfied. Ingredients that have value, nutrition, that make a difference to your body and mind. From curiosity and need, a new hobby was created and now I bake wholesome products so that nobody else has to miss those specific moments in their daily life. MISHU was born.


Micaela Schuster Mishu Baking Portrait Kitchen Republic 

MISHU means to me a world of endless possibilities, the understanding of personal journeys and a way to express my creativity in a wholesome way. MISHU is more than just baking; it's being free of any boundaries. Anything is possible.

- Micaela Schuster