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Keto Donut Holes - 6 pieces

Keto Donut Holes - 6 pieces

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One pack holds 6 Keto Donut Holes in total.

Keto Donut Holes:

Super soft and pillowy sweet bite filled with a chocolate ganache! This one will make your day! How do I eat them? I secretly love them when they are half frozen, then they remind me of an ice-cream cake! Especially during this sunny days! You should give it a try, pop them in freezer for a few minutes. Enjoy!


Ingredients: Almond flour, coconut flour, psyllium husks, erythritol, coconut oil, eggs, xantham gum, vanilla extract, keto chocolate (Steviala), coconut cream and baking powder.

Allergens: Lactose and Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, grain free, keto and diabetic friendly. Contains eggs.


- Keep in container in fridge or freezer 

Nutritional Values:

Per Donut Hole




2,2 gr


Of which polyols/polyolen

2,51 gr

1,66 gr

Net Carbs

0,85 gr


3 gr


1 gr