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Mishu Contemporary Baking Sandwich Bread Keto Friendly

Keto Sandwich - 10 pieces

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Volume per pack: 10 Sandwiches

The Mishu Sandwich is the perfect alternative to recreate any sandwich, just slice it in half and fill it up with anything you like. Packed with antioxidants and fibers - due to the golden flaxseeds and psyllium husks – this sandwich keeps you going for hours! Our sandwich can also be sandwiched toasted! Although it will always keep some
moist due to all those fibers! 


- Keeps well a couple of days outside at room temperature
- A week in the fridge
- 3 months in the freezer. Remove and let it come to room temperature.

This product is based on almond flour, coconut flour, golden flaxseeds, psyllium husks, buttermilk and egg. Sandwiches fit within a healthy Keto and Diabetic diet. Sandwich is grain free.

Allergens: Contains dairy and egg

Nutritional Values:

Per 100gr (1 Bread)




16,4 gr

Net Carbs



9,3 gr


12,2 gr